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Reclaim Wall Space. Display More History. Update Instantly.

Touchwall Enhance: Touchscreen Enclosures with Wall Wrap


Athletic Hall of Fame at the University of Main at Augusta

No more running out of space to hang this season’s champions and success stories. Post achievements in minutes that honor students in any extracurricular or academic pursuit.

The TouchWall product combines intuitively-designed software with a large format touchscreen, and options to enhance the entire location to establish a school hall of fame like no other. Visitors to the school experience your hand-picked history inside and out of the school walls without limitations.


High School Student Searches for Alumni using a TouchPro's TouchWall

Tested, adapted and optimized in more than 15 years of iteration and in-field expertise, TouchWall software sets the bar for engagement with students, alumni and any fan of your school. TouchWall 6 is designed to have a sleek and modern look. It is adaptable and flexible around your unique content. Our library of screen layouts allows your school to have a unique presentation with visually-engaging content. Instantly update your TouchWall with new content updates such as social media feeds, event calendar updates, sports scores, videos, images and more.



All-in-one Hardware Touchscreen featuring a Custom Home Screen used by Rice University

The TouchWall Interactive Hall of Fames starts with no-compromise tempered glass touchscreens with options ranging from 32- to 98-inch commercial-grade touchscreens.  We then couple that with a tamper-proof computer for the ultimate in piece of mind.  All hardware is covered by a three-year manufacturer's warranty that can be extended to five years. Our TouchWall hardware runs for years without worry and typically requires minimal maintenance. With more than 15 years of technical expertise, we take 24/7 availability of your hardware seriously.


Our Production Team planning your project.

Whether you employ our in-house team to do all of your scanning, cropping and data entry (TouchWall AI now standard on all photo scanning packages for the ultimate in image clarity), or you want to manage uploading content through our user-friendly content management system, TouchPros will guide and train your school on the best practices for to ensure success. Our production team has been providing content assistance for more than 10 years and has seen it all: photos of all shapes and sizes, yearbooks, plaques, trophies and miscellaneous artifacts. No one can claim they have more experience than TouchPros in making you look impressive! 


Our support staff walking through a training session.

The support team manages more than 1,200 computers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter the question, you can reach TouchPros support for the resolution of any issue. No question goes without a timely solution, honed by more than 15 years of technical support and we work closely with school IT departments prior to, at and after installation to comply with any network-specific requirements. All on-going support of the TouchWall is generally handled by TouchPros, making your school IT department almost as happy as you will be with your TouchWall purchase.

TouchWall Enhance: A Custom Designed and Manufactured Touchscreen Enclosure

TouchWall Enhance options amplify the physical significance and impact of your TouchWall Interactive Hall of Fame. Enclose your touchscreen in single frame, half wall or full wall options. Wall wrap options are also available with and without enclosures. Add TouchWall Enhance to any project today and give your school the polished look of excellence.

TouchWall XL: Unique 5 Panel Extra Large Touchscreen Display

Warning: Deployment of this product will make your school the envy of others and is recommended for trendsetters and trailblazers only.

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