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June 5, 2023

TouchPros has placed touchscreens in many museums over the last 15 years. TouchPros TouchWall Interactive Halls of Fame provide an engaging and educational experience and can be tailored to any museum setting. Our latest museum installation is located at the Illinois Basketball Museum in Bedford Park, IL as a joint venture between The Illinois Basketball Coaches Association and the Basketball Museum of Illinois.

Dedicated to an Illinois basketball legend, Chuck Rolinski, the TouchWall features a TouchWall Enhance Full Wall Enclosure to honor their hall of fame recipients. Visitors access a wealth of information including record boards, state tournament results dating back to 1908, trivia and much more!

The enclosure keeps with the museum aesthetic, as well as highlights the screen to museum visitors. TouchWall Enhance Enclosures come in, single frame, half wall and full wall options and is a great way to "enhance" your existing or new TouchWall.


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