Version 6.0


TouchWall Version 6.0 offers a brand new look and layout. A cleaner navigation with a focus on content creates an unrivaled experience in our best interactive hall of fame to date. The new release introduces a re-designed interface featuring more social media integration, ADA integration for accessibility, a more prominent slideshow, easier-to-navigate menu and a dynamic footer with a sports ticker or text options for messages or sponsors.


All New

Video Start Screens

Start screens now include a “Ken Burns effect” to create depth and motion on still images as they fade in and out. In addition, video backgrounds can be added to the rotation of still photos.


All New

Re-Designed Menu

The newly re-designed menu includes many improved features.


Main Panel

Events and social media are now featured on the same panel for a clean and easy to navigate home screen. Calendars, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are now easily integrated and updated live.



Icons help optimize navigation by serving as quick visual cues.


New ADA integration offers easy access for inclusion of anyone with a disability and is WCAG 2.0 Level AA Compliant.

Mobile Access

A QR code gives your audience access to a mobile version of TouchWall from anywhere.


New footer section features an option for plain text messages from sponsors or donors.

A news ticker feature is available to customize with the latest news, messages, or scores.


The slideshow is now larger and is the prominent feature of the home screen (when the slideshow template option is selected).




All New

Color Modes

Choose from three new modes: Light, Dark or School Color. Easily toggled and immediately available, the new color modes allow you control over the color mood of the TouchWall and the ability to change it whenever you see fit.



All New

Re-Designed Interface

Each menu page has been re-designed and updated to ensure the best interactive hall of fame experience yet.


Updated Profile Page

Beautifully updated profile cards focus on the student. Add descriptions, unlimited photos, and videos for an experience your audience will love.

Profile Images

Get to know students, athletes, and more with larger profile images. Tap to enlarge and view in a full screen gallery.


Photo Gallery

The photo gallery now allows for an unlimited amount of media you can upload, including images and videos.


Never lose your place again. Re-designed breadcrumbs make navigating a more intuitive experience.


Profile Descriptions

Re-designed biographies and profiles for both individuals and teams.



All New

Updated Media Gallery

The gallery viewer offers a full screen media experience. Your high-quality photos and videos can be viewed full screen to engage your audience.


Expanded Gallery

View all your media in the new gallery view. Full screen images and videos look amazing and highlight the triumphs and achievements of your hall of famers.

Gallery Scroller

Scroll through your unlimited media and tap to view in the largest size possible on the screen.