TouchWall Options

TouchWall Software
Includes the following:

  • Semi-custom design complete with school colors, logo and background images.
  • Search by athletes or teams by last name, sport and graduation year.
  • Rich profile pages for athletes or teams with photo, biography and list of accomplishments.
  • Content management system protected by a user name and password allowing real-time updates of all content by school personnel.
  • One year of hosting including 24/7 monitoring and backup and public access to touchscreen information.

  • Software Add-Ons
    Photo Scanning and Import
    Scan and import of all photos in the TouchWall system.

    Excel Import
    Import of all text information via an Excel spreadsheet.

    Annual Software and Hardware Service Agreement
    Phone, remote and on-site software and hardware service for your TouchWall. In addition, all software updates are included.

    Calendar Integration
    Direct integration with calendar applications for real-time information.

    Touchscreen Hardware
    Commercial grade touchscreens with on-board computer in the following size options:

    Hardware Add-Ons
    Includes standard wall mount and on-site installation on wall.

    Extended Warranty
    Extends the standard three year warranty to five years.